Mortal Kombat 9 (XBox360) Part1

  • Kombat codes Enter one of the following cheat codes at the versus loading screen during a two player match to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Player one enters the first three digits and player two enters the last three digits of the code. Some codes require both players to input the code, while others work with just one player entering it
    Armless Kombat911 911
    Blocking Disabled020 020
    Breakers Disabled090 090
    Dark Kombat022 022
    Double Dash391 193
    Dream Kombat222 555
    Enhance Moves Disabled051 150
    Explosive Kombat227 227
    Foreground Objects Disabled001 001
    Headless Kombat808 808
    Health Recovery012 012
    Hyper Fighting091 091
    Invisible Kombat770 770
    Jumping Disabled831 831
    Klassik Music101 101
    Kombos Disabled931 931
    No Blood900 900
    Player 1 Half Health220 000
    Player 1 Quarter Health110 000
    Player 2 Half Health000 220
    Player 2 Quarter Health000 110
    Power Bars Disabled404 404
    Psycho Kombat707 707
    Quick Uppercut Recovery303 303
    Rainbow Kombat234 234
    Random Phrase 1717 313
    Random Phrase 2448 844
    Random Phrase 3122 221
    Random Phrase 4009 900
    Random Phrase 5550 055
    Random Phrase 6031 130
    Random Phrase 7282 282
    Random Phrase 8123 926
    Sans Power044 440
    Silent Kombat300 300
    Specials Disabled731 731
    Super Recovery123 123
    Throwing Disabled100 100
    Throwing Encouraged010 010
    Tournament Mode111 111
    Unlimited Super Meter466 466
    Vampire Kombat424 424
    X-Rays Disabled242 242
    Zombie Kombat666 666

  • Play as Cyber Sub-Zero Successfully complete Chapter 13 in Story mode to unlock Cyber Sub-Zero.
  • Play as Quan Chi Successfully complete Chapter 16 in Story mode to unlock Quan Chi.
  • Mileena's third alternate costume Successfully complete Challenge Tower Level 300 to unlock Mileena's Fleshpit costume and get the "Best...Alternate...Ever!" achievement. Note: If you have trouble completing the 300th challenge, return to the tower, and you can skip the final challenge. You will still unlock the Fleshpit costume.
  • Additional color schemes At the character selection screen, highlight a character and press Start. Then, press A for the original Arcade version color scheme. Press Start again for the alternate color scheme.
  • Classic music At the "Arena Select" screen in Versus mode, press Start instead of A to choose an arena. If done correctly, you will hear Shao Khan laugh. During the fight, that arena's music will be replaced with a song from a previous Mortal Kombat title. Note: The following arenas do not have an alternate soundtrack: Desert, Hell, Rooftop (Dusk), Shao Kahn's Throne Room, Shang Tsung's Gardens, Shang Tsung's Gardens (Night), The Bell Tower, The Courtyard (Night), and The Flesh Pits.
  • Always fight Goro Choose a fighter at the character selection screen in Ladder mode, then hold Back while choosing a difficulty. You will now fight Goro instead of Kintaro in the Boss fight.
  • Fighting with Mileena's veil down Perform the "Leaping Sai" move to put a Sai into your opponent's back, then do the "Leaping Neckbite" Enhanced Special and her veil should stay down. You will continue the match with the veil down. Note: If the veil does not stay down, repeat the process.
  • Easy koins Set the difficulty to "Very Easy" and rounds to "3". Play Ladder mode, and try to get a "Flawless Victory" to get 1,000 koins. Perform a fatality to get 250 koins. It is possible to get 3,250 koins every few minutes by getting a "Flawless Victory" in all three rounds and performing a fatality.
    In Challenge #265 in the Challenge Tower, you must throw Stryker's grenades into a bucket. Each one gives you 50 koins. Pause the game and retry before time expires. You can start again, but keep the koins earned from your previous attempt. Repeat this as many times as desired.
  • Easy Challenge Tower Level 300 Choose any fighter, then just keep losing (do not pause and retry) and selecting "Retry". The difficulty will scale down, and you will begin regenerating health between fights. Once you lose ten to fifteen fights, the AI pretty much just stands still.
  • Easy Shao Kahn battle When fighting Shao Kahn in Ladder mode, he is much easier and can be defeated by simply backing up continually. He will either taunt or throw a spear, leaving him open for projectile attacks. Teleport attacks are even more useful. Just keep retreating after each hit you land.
  • Easy Shao Kahn battle in Story mode A good strategy to defeating Shao Kahn in the final battle is to keep retreating. He will then do one of the following three things: throw a spear, throw a hammer, or laugh/taunt. If he throws a hammer or taunts, you can teleport behind him and quickly uppercut him, then retreat again. If he throws the spear, teleport at the first possible instant, and you can also uppercut. However, if you are too slow, he will turn and attack. The safest way to attack if he throws the spear is to teleport, then jump over his head, dodging his attack, then perform a drop kick followed immediately by the Electric Fly. Always keep retreating after each hit. Also, you can duck when he throws the spear instead of blocking so you don't lose any health like you do when you block.
  • Hidden creature in the Krypt While in the Krypt, remain idle for approximately twenty minutes, and then a demon-like creature will appear and make a loud noise. You can also hear this creature scurry around behind you.
  • Skip Krypt animation While unlocking anything in the Krypt, press A to skip the animation. This makes browsing much faster.

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